Learning How To Learn

The Learning How To Learn website is a place to go to get resources for youth with disabilities, parents and mentors that work with disabled youth.

Resources are up to date information about educational and career planning; Job readiness skill building and information from the national stage that may impact your future. There is also a weekly blog that provides relevant current events and information as well as personal stories from youth that have taken this transition journey met their goals and succeeded.

Learning How To Learn: Getting into and Surviving College When you have a Learning Disability is a book written by Joyanne Cobb. This book was originally written in 2000 and then revised and published again to 2003.

About the Author

Joyanne Cobb is a learning disabled adult who tells her story in Learning How To Learn and offers practical advice that steers the student through the process of preparing for college, choosing the right school and succeeding academically.

Joyanne speaks nationally to youth and parents about the journey of the transition age youth and how to prepare for adulthood and the working world. She is a private consultant and presents seminars and workshops on employment and academic issues related to disabled youth.

Joyanne is also policy analyst and researcher for the Social Security Administration.   She has many years of experience in the area of vocational rehabilitation and transition age youth services for this population. Besides the book, Joyanne has also authored many articles on youth in transition for national professional journals.

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